Where was the first dose of human insulin given to a person with diabetes?  If you guessed Mid-America Diabetes Associates by Richard A Guthrie, MD, FAAP, FACE, you are right.  It was December 19, 1980.  We still see this individual in our practice today.  It was quite a day in Wichita, KS with national news coverage.


We are still involved in recruiting individuals to participate in research studies. If you are interested ask your doctor, nurse, or ask for Julie Dvorak, research nurse or Belinda "Lindy" P Childs,  Clinic and Research Coordinator.


You can call our clinic (316-687-3100) at any time to inquire about individual research studies.  Go to Clinical Trials.Gov for a listing of clinical trials as well as general information about clinical trials and your participation.  National studies of interest may be found at Diabetes Trial Net, Protege,or Harmony Clinical Trials.