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April 7, 2014 PRESS RELEASE
After four decades of treating people with diabetes, Dr. Richard Guthrie is closing his MidAmerica Diabetes Associates, PA. The last day of practice for the Wichita-based center is May 22, 2014.
In a letter to patients, Dr. Guthrie called the decision “one of the most difficult (wife) Diana and I have had to make in our lifetimes.” He went on to say that, “it has become apparent that in today’s healthcare environment, we cannot continue to practice as MidAmerican Diabetes Associates.”
A graduate of the University of Missouri Medical School, Dr. Guthrie is recognized world wide for his work, writing, and research in the fields of diabetes, pediatric endocrinology, and metabolism. Since he and Diana began their Wichita practice in 1973, Dr. Guthrie, Dr. Diana Guthrie and their staff have worked with thousands of people with diabetes.
MidAmerica Diabetes Associates, PA is known nationally for their innovative education and patient empowerment programs developed under the leadership of Diana Guthrie, RN, PhD, CDE, and has participated in countless diabetes related research studies. In 1981, the first injection of synthetic human insulin was given by Dr. Guthrie to a patient of the center.
Several of the clinic’s long-term associates plan to continue in the diabetes healthcare field after MidAmerica Diabetes Associates closes. Thirty-eight-year veteran Debbie Hinnen, APRN will continue consulting and professional education including the Wichita State University bi-annual Comprehensive Diabetes Update and others.
Belinda Childs APRN, who has been with the group 35 years is coordinating efforts through Great Plains Diabetes to continue MidAmerica's tradition of providing patient centered diabetes care, education, and resources. The yet-to-be-named group plans to continue to offer rural outreach clinics, education, and support for people of all ages with diabetes - including those with gestational diabetes.
Dr. Guthrie will continue to provide professional education and is planning to continue as the collaborating physician for the non-profit endeavor as well as participating in other volunteer activities.
A celebration for the Guthrie’s dedicated community service is being planned for Tuesday April 29th from 5:30 pm to 7:30 PM and in conjunction with Diana Guthrie’s birthday on Sunday May 4th from 2 to 4 pm at MidAmerica Diabetes Associates, 8533 E. 32nd Street, Wichita, KS.  
Contacts: Belinda Childs APRN/Debbie Hinnen APRN    phone 316-687-3100



Mid-America Diabetes Associates, P.A. (MADA) is committed to improving the quality of diabetes care through patient and professional education and participation in diabetes related research.  MADA believes all individuals with diabetes and their families should be empowered with sufficient knowledge and understanding about diabetes to participate in daily self-management to achieve their optimal level of metabolic control.  Living with diabetes requires the support of a diabetes team with the center of the team being the individual with diabetes.




We encourage your participation in our Diabetes Education Program.  The center approaches the treatment of each patient through intensive medical management and education in the critical areas of meal planning, medication, exercise and motivation.  Through the use of a multi-disciplinary team, the treatment plan for each patient is individually developed and monitored to assure control of blood glucose levels, and to enable the person with diabetes to reach and maintain an optimum level of health.

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